Fraud Attempt Alert

Date of publication: 30 August 2021

Recently, there has been an increasing number of requests to various companies and organisations from unknown persons presenting themselves as employees of Transneft Primorsk Port with fictitious offers to participate in procurements.

Presenting themselves as employees of Transneft Primorsk Port, or referring to a close relationship with specialists from oil pipeline companies, unknown persons offer to participate in fictitious or real procurement procedures (supply of industrial products, provision of educational, security and other services).

As a prerequisite, fraudsters demand acquirement of certificates from the "National Register of Reliable Suppliers", "Register of Bona Fide Suppliers", "Register of Verified Organisations", entry into the "Interregional Register of Expert Evaluations" to confirm professional reputation as qualified procurers or obtaining a so-called "Compliance Certificate" not provided for by Transneft’s regulations on procurement of goods, works and services as well as other regulatory documents of the Company. The cybercriminals convince entrepreneurs that presence in the so-called "White List" guarantees them victory, or at least increases their chances of winning a contract with the oil pipeline company.

Fraudulent offers are also received by companies already participating in procurement procedures conducted by Transneft Primorsk Port. Among them are proposals of procurement bid preparation services, assistance in being recognised as winners of procurements, as well as other intermediary services. Persons offering these services also introduce themselves as employees of the company, or refer to "close" relationships with employees and knowledge of "specific" requirements and conditions, which will supposedly enable them to win in trading procedures.

We would like to inform you that these offers and actions have nothing to do with activities of Transneft Primorsk Port, are provocative, illegal and committed by fraud to obtain money for documents not actually necessary for participation in procurements.

Transneft Primorsk Port carries out procurements in strict compliance with the valid legislation and internal regulatory documents, all procedures being open and implying no services of intermediaries.

All correspondence between Transneft Primorsk Port and stakeholders (manufacturers, bidders, procurement participants, counterparties and others) is performed within set rules of document traffic. All documents, including targeted queries of price quotations and bids, are formalised on official letterheads signed by duly empowered and registered staffers with all the essential credentials and requisite details.

Taking the above stated into consideration, we ask those who take part in the procurement of goods, works and services not to succumb to provocative suggestions for the sake of evading negative consequences.