About the Company


Full name of the Company: Limited Liability Company «Transneft Primorsk Port»

Abbreviated name of the Company: Transneft Primorsk Port, LLC.

Founders of the Company: Transneft Baltic, LLC, and Transneft Upper Volga, JSC.

Location of the Company: Primorsk, Vyborg District, Leningrad Region, Russian Federation.

The main operations of Transneft Primorsk Port, LLC, include receiving oil from the oil trunk pipeline, oil storage and oil loading onto tankers for the benefit of oil companies of the Russian Federation, and the main objective is to maintain uninterrupted transshipment of oil for export in the amount approved by Transneft, JSC.

The port has all technical and organizational capabilities to accomplish the set objectives. It has:

a tank farm consisting of 18 VRFT-50000 vertical steel tanks with floating roof and 5 vertical stainless steel emergency discharge tanks: 2 VST-3000 and 3 VST-5000. Their total rated capacity is about 921 thousand cubic meters. The useful capacity of the tank farm for stock-tank oil is 657.0 thousand cubic meters;

two outdoor oil pump stations including 14 pump units and operating at a loading rate up to 46,800 cu.m/hour;

4 cargo berths of the total length equal to 1,350 meters, where four tankers having the deadweight of 90–150 thousand tons and the draft up to 15.5 meters can be serviced at the total loading rate of 40,000 cu.m/hour; the berths are equipped with 16 loading arms and are Ø16» in diameter;

onshore treatment facilities providing treatment of both wastewater and storm water. The offered services include collecting bilge water with the initial oil product content up to 21,000 mg/l and its further treatment at the rate of 190 cu.m/day (or 8 cu.m/hour).



The port has a customs station, a border checkpoint, the Seaport Administration. The functions and cargo processing operations of the above services are well-coordinated due to the regulations approved by Transneft, JSC.


Today, the loading of one tanker takes 14 hours on average. Everything depends on the capabilities of the tanker and the loading rate that is specified by the captain whose decision is based on the safety requirements. On average, all the operations required for a tanker and its cargo, including completion of all the formalities, take 24 hours.

It should be noted that the latest technology and equipment were used for the implementation of the oil loading terminal project. For example, the cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials were used during the construction of tanks:


double-deck floating roofs;

welding technology designed by ESAAB (Sweden) and LINKOLN (USA)

100% radiographic and ultrasonic testing of welds.


the effective thickness of the wall was increased by 2 mm. The thickness of the central section of the bottom is 6 mm; the thickness of the annular plate – 12 mm, the thickness of the 1st ring walls – 28 mm; the 2nd ring walls – 24 mm; the 3rd ring walls – 20 mm; the 4th ring walls – 16 mm; the 5th ring walls – 14 mm; 6th–8th ring walls – 10 mm.

the bottom and the first rings of the tanks are protected against corrosion by 3 mm thick ground coating of epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass and glass cloth; its warranty life is 25 years.


under the tank bottom and inside the reinforced concrete dike (enclosure) there is a protection shield made of two layers of polyethylene film.


The high level of professionalism and well-coordinated management of operations have been repeatedly acknowledged during the annual compliance audits conducted by DQS GmbH, the German Society for Certification of Management Systems, to check the quality management, environmental management and occupational safety management systems for the compliance with the requirements set by the respective international standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


The excellent performance of Transneft Primorsk Port, LLC, is proved by numerous awards and diplomas granted to the company over the years of its operation.


As of year-end 2003 and 2004, Transneft Primorsk Port, LLC, was awarded certificates «The Site of Excellent Fire Safety Condition» by the Department of Public Firefighting Service of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

In October 2006, the company became the winner of the contest «The Best Collective Labor Agreement in the Leningrad Region in 2005» and was awarded the First Class Diploma.

In October 2006, at the «Oil Terminal» International Congress, Transneft Primorsk Port, LLC, became the winner of the First International Award – Oil Terminal 2006 – in the nomination «The Most Environmentally Sustainable Terminal», and was also awarded honorary diplomas in two nominations: «The Best Technological Equipment» and «The Breakthrough of the Year». In 2007, at the «Oil Terminal» International Congress, the Company was awarded a special prize – For the Contribution to the Development of the Industry.

In 2008, the Company won the contest «The Best Collective Labor Agreement in the Leningrad Region in 2007» and was awarded the First Class Diploma.